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Mondy's Adventure

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11 October
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OK, so I haven't bothered to fill in this Bio up until now. Bit after having an LJ for over five years (I think), I suppose I've finally come to terms with what I want to do with it.

So my LJ is basically the place where I'll review the books I've been reading and the films I've been seeing. The personal stuff will be kept to the minimum (though other than the fact my wife's preggers, my personal life is pretty quiet). I'll also keep religion and politics to a minimum as well (though you'll guess pretty quickly that I'm Jewish).

I'll mostly be reviewing genre work. I'm writing these reviews for people who have not read the book. As a result the spoilers will be kept to a bare minimum, even less than what you might find on the back cover of the book. If you're interested in the sort of stuff I like then this LJ will give you an indication of whether said book, movie, magazine or TV show is worth buying.

I was going to make this Bio really funny. Oh well.

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